Workplace Democracy in Action

When workers have the opportunity to talk with a union official in their workplace about the pros and cons of forming a union, free from the fear of intimidation by management, they can make an informed decision about whether or not to unionise.

That’s what happened recently in Aonach Mhaca in Armagh and on May Day 2021 the management signed a union recognition and collective bargaining agreement with the Union Organiser Niall McNally on behalf of SIPTU.

Welcome to #ourSIPTU Aonach Mhaca workers.

Watch their story of bringing the many benefits of Workplace Democracy to their workplace.

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As trade unionists we know, workplace democracy delivers many social, political and economic benefits.

The reason is simple. Those with detailed knowledge of the operations of a business are best placed to identify shortcomings, correct failings and highlight what really works.

Our First Wednesday Workshop for May discusses what’s need to change in Ireland to make it easier for workers to unionise. From access to the workplace for union officials to stronger protections against victimisation, watch our Workplace Democracy webinar to hear what changes are need.

Workers are not only the natural source of feedback on how things are going on the shop-floor, factory-floor, in the offices or on our building sites but also the natural source of ideas and insights into how to improve and innovate our workplaces.

From greater social participation to better in-work benefits workplace democracy helps promote living standards and life quality.

This is the very foundation of workplace democracy.

This article was written by SIPTU Deputy General Secretary for Organising and Membership Development, Ethel Buckley.

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Ireland’s Strongest Union. #ourSIPTU

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Liberty (@SIPTU)

Liberty (@SIPTU)

Ireland’s Strongest Union. #ourSIPTU

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