Trade unions key to countering threat of racism

The outpouring of global solidarity for Black Lives Matter (BLM) in 2020, as well key electoral defeats for the far right in countries such as Greece and Austria, demonstrate the effectiveness of the international anti-racist and social justice movement.

Demonstrators deploy a Black Lives Matter banner near the White House in Washington, D.C. in 2020.

For trade unions, the fight against racism and xenophobia in all its forms is not new and the dismantling of racist systems must be part of a New Social Contract for building an inclusive, socially just and resilient future for all.

In Ireland and internationally trade unions have played a leading role in organising against the spread of the far-right. ICTU is absolutely clear and forthright in our opposition to such racist campaigns and in challenging the shadowy groupings behind them.



Ireland’s Strongest Union. #ourSIPTU

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