SIPTU to lift GMC pickets after Labour Court intervention

The Labour Court has invited both parties in the GMC Civil and Mechanical Engineering strike to a hearing which will take place next Monday, October 2nd.

Liberty (@SIPTU)
2 min readSep 23, 2023

SIPTU has replied positively to the Labour Court’s invitation and its request that industrial action be suspended in order to allow the Court to hear the dispute and issue recommendations.

Following a meeting of the SIPTU strike committee in GMC Civil and Mechanical Engineering this afternoon, pickets will be lifted on Monday evening and a return to work is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

In a show of solidarity from fellow union members, the Group of Unions (GOU) in Gas Networks Ireland has pledged its total support to SIPTU members in GMC Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

The Gas Networks Ireland GOU will now commence a period of consultation with members for supportive industrial action. It has also agreed to write to the company’s board, the Minister for Energy and the regulator expressing its anger at the way that fellow union members have been treated in GMC.

SIPTU Divisional Organiser, Adrian Kane, said: “The spirit of Larkin is still alive. Workers in this country are standing shoulder to shoulder against exploitation. If GMC fails to recognise the state’s industrial relations machinery, we have the full backing of union members in Gas Networks Ireland.

“The GMC strike committee will also be meeting with the Group of Unions in Irish Water seeking similar commitments to those pledged by the Gas Networks Ireland Group of Unions.”