SIPTU secures pay for student radiographers working on Covid-19 frontline

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Kevin Figgis said: “Following an intense campaign and extensive engagement with both the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health we can confirm that 51 student radiographers currently assisting in the battle to stop the spread of Covid-19 will be offered a 3 month contract of employment similar to the terms agreed for nursing, midwifery and medical science students.

From the outset of our campaign, SIPTU representatives argued that the essential work carried out by these students should be treated no less favourably than other student health professional categories. This agreement achieves that parity of esteem and recognises the hard work of these dedicated young health professionals serving our communities.”

He added: “Radiographers are in short supply and there is great demand for them in both public and private health care settings, at home and abroad. It was vital we sent these students a clear message they are needed in the Irish health service and that they will be offered valuable employment pending their graduation and registration as radiographers.”

SIPTU Health Divisional Organiser, Paul Bell, said: “A huge effort was made to ensure student radiographers were recognised for their effort in the fight against Covid-19. This virus has affected every community on the island of Ireland and health care workers are at the forefront of that fight every day. This positive result could not have been achieved without the support of all our members in radiography. We also like to thank the Minister for Health, Simon Harris for his intervention on the matter and welcome his remarks in Dáil Éireann yesterday.”




Ireland’s Strongest Union. #ourSIPTU

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Liberty (@SIPTU)

Liberty (@SIPTU)

Ireland’s Strongest Union. #ourSIPTU

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