SIPTU calls on Section 39 organisations to honour workers hours and wages

SIPTU Health representatives have today (Monday, 30th March) called on Section 39 Home Care organisations to continue to pay the wages of carers and home helps in the event of client cancellations during the Covid-19 crisis.

SIPTU Organiser, Aideen Carberry, said: “This is a tough and anxious time for all health workers. When our members cannot be sure of what their earnings will be in a given week, it adds an additional strain to workers who are providing a vital service to the elderly in our community at a time of crisis.

“SIPTU members are reporting that due to cancellation of some services by clients who are self-isolating due to the Covid-19 crisis, members are being left short of hours. While some organisations are claiming there is enough alternative work for carers in the event of cancellations, this is not happening in all areas.”

She added: “We are calling on all Section 39 employers to honour our members’ wages and allow them to concentrate on providing essential care.”