Palestinian Freedom Conference closes MayFest

70 years after the catastrophe of dispossession and expulsion the blood of Palestine is still being shed

The continuing abuse of the human rights of the people of Palestine, under occupation by Israeli military forces since 1948, is a direct consequence of the interference by the US and the same former colonial powers, Britain and France, in their country and their lives for many decades. As the key strategic ally and regional policeman for the US in the Middle East, as well as one of the largest recipients of its military aid, Israel can ignore countless UN resolutions and calls for an end to its illegal occupation as long as Washington turns a blind eye, and even encourages, its behaviour.

“There are now 700,000 illegal settlers on our land and their plan is to reach one million by 2030. There is no peace agenda…”

Women working in the homes of illegal settlers are often physically abused and sexually harassed by the settlers who exploit their labour while they are also forced to suffer daily humiliation at the hands of Israeli soldiers at the multiple checkpoints they must navigate to and from their employment.



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