May Day Message

Left to Right: SIPTU General Secretary Joe Cunningham, Deputy General Secretary for Organising and Membership Development, Ethel Buckley, Deputy General Secretary for the Private Sector, Gerry McCormack and Deputy General Secretary for the Public Sector, John King.

It is the day when the contribution of workers — those who produce the materials and provide the services essential to a functioning society — is recognised.

This year, as we endure the current health emergency and confront the Covid-19 virus, the key role of essential workers has emerged in an unprecedented way.

The workers delivering our health services, in food production, in distribution, transport, retail, pharmaceutical and medical device production are in the frontline of the battle against the Coronavirus, risking their health and well-being to help others through this crisis. They truly are Frontline Heroes.

Tens of thousands of our people, including so many members of this union, have lost their jobs or have been laid off with huge uncertainty for their future.

Many are working from home in often difficult and challenging circumstances.

In response to this crisis, our union has sought to ensure that your income and employment is secured and protected to the greatest degree possible.

We are also working to achieve a just and equitable outcome to the extraordinary challenge presented by this crisis.

This emergency will pass and we will recover in time not least because of the social solidarity displayed by so many, including our members in communities across the country, over recent weeks.

The recovery must be based on our principles of fairness at work and justice in society. We will strive to ensure that a restored economy will be based on decent income for decent work and universal public services in health, education and childcare. That is the least we can demand.

The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins has recorded a May Day greeting and message of solidarity for SIPTU members on this May Day like no other.

We thank you for your sacrifice and courage during this difficult time and offer our best wishes to you and your family.

SIPTU General Officers

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Liberty (@SIPTU)

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