Climate Proofing the Workplace: How you can take action!

Climate change threatens jobs and employment across all sectors of the economy. It is clear we need to change course and to do so quickly.

📣 Just Transition for climate ambition: Photo: ITUC

As the International Trade Union Confederation points out: . The only alternative is to build good jobs on a living planet by way of a Just Transition to a low or zero carbon economy.

This requires action in the workplace to demand that employers engage with workers and their unions to develop plans to climate-proof their operations as part of a Just Transition for workers and their communities.

The experience of the transition to date has been almost overwhelmingly negative and has become synonymous with job loss and lower living standards for communities across the Midlands.

To reverse this trajectory, our government must raise ambition and engage fully on the development of a national Just Transition plan that includes measures to protect workers and livelihoods, create jobs and new opportunities and ensures maximum community benefit from the low carbon transition.

Unions are seeking dialogue at all levels to ensure that Just Transition measures agreed build people’s trust in a process that they understand is urgent. Without a Just Transition, the ambition we need to tackle climate change will be blocked by fear, often fear that is fuelled by corporate greed, extremist politicians and violation of rights.

Jobs and employment are serious concerns for people which is why we need to have the conversation about climate and employment.

We want to start conversations with employers about how they plan to future-proof their business and our jobs. Workers are on the front line of climate action and demand a right to know that their employers are climate-proofing their work.

In September, trade unions will be supporting action by union members to invite their employers to discuss their plans for resilience and sustainable business — safety, jobs, emissions, a secure pathway for the future.

That’s the strength of leadership needed from all of us. We need to put the pressure on employers to make sure they have a plan to reduce emissions and climate-proof our jobs and work.

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